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2012 – January : Le Cormoran Bois exclusive retailer for our wood protection range

logo_cormoran31_Copier10007In regions Haute Normandie, Basse Normandie, Bretagne, Pays de Loire (except La vendéee county) and county Eure et Loire in the Centre region :
Le Cormoran Bois is the exclusive retailer for our wood protection range :


Le Cormoran Bois, the wood products specialist at 50500 St Hilaire Petitville, now operates the exclusive distribution of our wood protection range for the professionals as well as for the private individuals in french department N°29, 22, 56, 35, 50, 14, 61, 27, 76, 28, 72, 53, 44 et 49 (west areas).

  • Restol® transparent and opaque tinted oils, for the protection of exterior woods, do not flake, and are water resistant and water repellent.
  • Swedish tar : Top range wood protection, protects exterior wood, even when buried or under waterline. Brown/black color, 100 % natural.
  • Exotic wood oil : saturator for maintenance and beautifying of exterior and interior woods. Waterproofs and nourishes.
  • Dutch chalet oil, top range protection for woods exposed to bad weather and UV. Developed in order to dry slowly, dry extract rate > 90%, colourless.

Do not hesitate to contact Le Cormoran Bois by phone on +33.(0)2 33 21 32 76 or by email on