Rutolan France

About Rutolan


Since 1983, Rutolan France, subsidiary of Vliegenthart B.V., distributes on the French market products of high quality for the professionals. Industrial or “custom-made product”, Rutolan France benefits from the experience of his historic partner, Vliegenthart B.V. and brings respectful solutions for the final users and the environment.

Rutolan France, the tradition with always an innovation beforehand!

Based in South West, Rutolan France markets a range developed and produced in the high tech factory of Vliegenthart B.V., located in Tiel – Netherlands. To complete its offer, Rutolan also became exclusive importer of complementary products such as:

  • FLEXIM®, ready-to-use Roof Mortar
  • RESTOL™, wood oils protection for exterior timber
  • GO! Paint, innovative paint tools

For more than 30 years, we import on the French market respectful products and bring the highest quality of service to our customers.

Rutolan is :

eco-friendlyAn Expert for your wood protection – For an optimal protection of your exterior timber, please do not hesitate to choose among the products developed by Rutolan.
Traditional recipes developed since 1839 by Vliegenthart B.V., which invest every day in new products conception.
We are also importing the Arch Chemical Lonza products, number one on the wood protection market. Arch Wood Protection develops and supplies wood protection system and is the number one in the world in this technology’s domain.


eco-friendlyA key Actor on the paint removers – Various references make the notoriety of Rutolan France and confirm the efficiency of its paint removers. For ecologic reasons and also in order to protect the applicator, Rutolan France market products with high quality, unclassified (without R(isk) or S(afe) symbols) which contain neither DCM nor acid, nor dangerous solvents.


eco-friendlyA reference in the buildings protection – From surfaces Treatments (Damp Proofing and semi permanent protection against graffiti) to ecologic cleaners, Fluxaf products guarantee quality since more than 80 years and propose innovative solutions for professionals needs.