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Store and Go XL

Store and Go XL

Instant storage of paint brushes in brush gel



Instant storage of paint brushes in brush gel, for days, weeks and even months. For use with all types of decorative paints and brushes (excluding moisture cured and 2K paint systems)


  1. Store and Go XL pail
  2. Gel containers (2x)
  3. Brush clips (8x)
  4. Lid, seat and closure (latch ring)
  5. Gel refils (2x)



  1. Empty 1 refill pack into 1 gel container (2x)
  2. Keep empty refill pack as spare pot
  3. Place the brush clips
  4. Connect the gel containers and place them in the pail
  5. Place a divider (if required) to create separate compartments



  1. Before storage: deeply clean the paint brushes in the Clean and Go system by firmly flexing the bristle over the grid to keep the gel and the brush fresh
  2. Place the brush in the gel and fix the brush handle in a brush clip
  3. Ensure all bristle is covered with gel. Add gel from refill as required
  4. Close the pail with the latch ring
  5. To continue painting remove all gel from the brush into the spare pot and thoroughly clean the brush with a cloth
  6. Keep the pail closed and use the seat and handle. Do not use as a step.

Storage and disposal

  1. Keep closed and in a cool, dry and frost-free place
  2. As tested, the gel stays fresh for approx. one year in an airtight container
  3. When full, close the spare pot and dispose of it responsibly through your local waste facilities
  4. Store and Go gel is water based and made from natural and renewable resources only. It is eco friendly and needs no labeling with any GHS hazard pictograms