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Clean and Go

Clean and Go

Total care of brushes: brush cleaner and storage system

Professional endorsement
“Clean and Go makes brush cleaning a breeze.”
Wayne de Wet, multiple award winning decorator

The environmentally friendly way of cleaning brushes


The increase in use of water based paints has brought more and more problems with brushes to light. With time, the bristles on a brush start standing out because left over paint dries up in the bristles, which is bad for the quality of the painting done with the brushes. In addition to this, the brush is too commonly washed under a tap. Because the brushes can no longer be cleaned properly, people throw away the brushes sooner than they normally would. Clean and Go makes this into a thing of the past. You save money and protect the environment.


Clean and Go is the method to clean brushes quickly, easily and in an eco friendly way. Clean and Go consists of a metal kettle, a cleaning grid, a filter bag and the ring Connect and Go. With a layer of water or white spirit in Clean and Go, the painter easily cleans his brushes in a very short time. In 20 seconds your brushes are cleaned: just flex the brush over the grid to release heavy paint particles from the bristles.

The way Clean and Go works






Fill with water or white spirit

Push brushes onto grid

Allow residue to dry

Remove filter bag

Dispose the bag as usual

No longer rinse the brushes under the tap


Using Clean and Go allows you to keep your environmental impact to a minimum. After all, you no longer have to rinse the brushes under the tap and the brushes no longer have to be thrown away early. And an extremely important factor for the painter: the time spent cleaning is kept to a minimum. When rinsing under the tap, large quantities of contaminated rinse water are released into the environment. After months of intensive use, the left-overs of our system are a little bag with dried paint residue (sludge) and reasonably clean rinse water!

Clean and Go , your all-in-one brush preserver



Clean and Go is suitable for all types of brushes. Thanks to the grid, the brushes stay in optimum condition. This contributes to a longer life and helps to ‘break in’ brushes. The ring Connect and Go enables you to put a lid on the kettle after cleaning your brushes. You can store your brushes perfectly for days . When storing, you can leave the brushes on the grid or click them in the brush clips.

Clean and Go

  • Minimal time needed
  • Optimum condition and longer life of brushes
  • Lid for storage
  • Eco friendly paint tool