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Restol – Excellent protection for exterior timber

Restol™ Wood Oil is multifunctional.
From fencing to garden furniture, from summerhouses to verandas and from bridges to decking, Restol™ Wood Oil is suitable for all your external wood. With a range of more than 13 colours, there is always a colour to suit your needs. Check the colour pages to see if the colour you require is transparent or semi-transparent.

Restol™ Colours

Natural Brown
Dark Mahogany
Red Cedar
Dark Oak
Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Bruin-Naturel3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Bruin3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Noten-Bruin3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Rood-Bruin3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Donker-Eiken3-150x60
Ebony Black
Anthracite Grey
Indiana Grey
Light Grey
Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Ebben-Zwart3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Antraciet1-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Indiana-Grijs3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Grijs-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Licht-Grijs3-150x60
Iceland White
Pearl White
Pine Green
Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_IJsland-Wit3-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Parel-Wit4-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_blankhout_Pijn-groen3-150x60    


Restol™ Specials

Natural UV Extra
White Wash
Garden Timber Yellow
Hardwood Brown
Garden Timber Green
Restol_Kleurstaal_UV_Extra Restol_Kleurstaal_geimpregneerd_White-Wash-PW215x60-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_geimpregneerd_Tuinhout-Geel-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_hardhout_Hardhout-Bruin215x60-150x60 Restol_Kleurstaal_geimpregneerd_Tuinhout-Groen-150x60


Apply Restol Wood Oil

Restol™ Wood Oil is applied in three simple steps. The following step-by-step plan and associated tips will help you get the best results from Restol™ Wood Oil.

Great results in three steps

Additional information


The finish achieved by Restol™ Wood Oil on your garden wood depends largely on several factors.


The kind of wood:
Special types require individual treatment.

Location of the item:
Sun, wind and rain can all affect how Restol™ Wood Oil looks.

All colours contain a specified quantity of pigment, which affects both the finish and durability.

Some maintenance tips:

  • Clean the wood, for example with a (wire) brush and/or high-pressure sprayer.
  • Remove debris and loose items from the surface.
  • Hardwood and untreated wood are often more susceptible to weathering and ageing.
  • We always recommend that you inspect the wood periodically.
  • We recommend that weathered patches be touched up and an entire fresh coat be applied on a regular basis, depending upon the conditions to which the wood is exposed.