Rutolan France

2012 – January 18th and 19th Campo Ouest exhibition in Nantes

144Logo_Campo_OuestRutolan will participate to Campo Ouest exhibition in Nantes- stand M28  


Rutolan France and Le Cormoran Bois commercial teams at Campo Ouest exhibition:

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Our stand – Our Commercial Director, Jean-Luc Fontes

Jointly with Le Cormoran Bois, we will give you a warm welcome on our stand M28, Grand Palais Hall at the Campo Ouest Exhibition in Nantes. Campo Ouest exhibition is dedicated to tourism and leisure equipments, within which the wood sector holds a large part, and where our large wood protection range has all its importance:


Restol® translucent and opaque tinted oils, for the protection of exterior woods. It does not flake, is resistant and water repellent.




Dutch chalet oil, top range protection for woods exposed to weather impacts and UV. Developed in order to dry slowly, dry extract rate > 90%, colorless.





Exotic wood oil: saturator for maintenance and beautifying of exterior and interior woods. Waterproofs and nourishes.



Swedish tar: Highly persistent protection for exterior wood, even when buried or under waterline. Brown/black color, 100 % natural.